Next shipping date: 8th October

Fire by the Silos Vinyl

Please note that manufacturing delays at the pressing plant can happen and are completely out of our control. We’ve been advised that everything will be finished in time for a Nov 2nd release, but if there are delays then your vinyl will arrive later.

Printed on 12-inch 180g heavyweight vinyl.

Side A:
The Herd
A Tall Order

Side B:

Side C:
Fire By The Silos
When Genghis Wakes

Side D:
The Heard

Additional items:

  • Digital download of Fire by the Silos (lossless WAV/MP3)
  • Early access to the studio “making of” video
  • Fire by the Silos wallpaper


This item will be released on November 2, 2018.

Available for pre-ordering